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Merchant Services

Minimize expenses associated with electronic payments. Our solutions deliver the peace of mind that comes with knowing that your account is being cared for by a professional.

Dedicated Hosted Pay Page

Creating a secure and easy to set up option for clients to make ACH, Credit, and Debit card transactions on your website.

Compliant Surcharging & Cash Discounting

Recapture interchange and transaction fees from your customers. We notify the card brands, provide necessary signage, and train your staff.

Mobile Processing

Accept payments anywhere, anytime. Authorize & process credit card transactions “on the go” with EMV technology and never miss a sale.

Cost Reduction Analysis

Keep your existing processing relationship and lower your monthly fees. Receive comprehensive auditing of your statements in addition to the lowest negotiated rates.

Credit Card On File

Reduce aging AR balances & eliminate the need to send payment reminders. Easy to use IP solution allows you to set up payment plans & manage the exceptions as needed.

Reduce Your Costs

Lowering the overall “COST” of accepting electronic payments with comprehensive statement analysis and effective rate optimization

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Keeping It Simple

Simplifying the “COMPLEXITY”
of the industry with user friendly
reporting and functionality

Stay In Line

Helping you attain “COMPLIANCE” with PCI-DSS with proactive risk management and ongoing training for your staff

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Integrated Payments
Work smarter (not harder) with integrated processing on your phone, tablet or computer. Enjoy instant posted payments, all in sync, and easy to use.
B2B & B2G Payments
Turn bill presentment into a stress relieving activity with a dedicated hosted pay page that mitigates risk through secure PCI technology.
Managing Patient Balances
Stop struggling to collect from patients with high deductible health plans. Implement Credit Card on File to lower collection costs and increase revenue.
Referral Programs & Incentives
Unlock recurring merchant services revenue from your clients and leverage your existing network.